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I am not perfect nor do I expect anyone else to be. We are all human. Subconsciously our brains are not wired and designed to do things that are uncomfortable, scary, or difficult. Realistically our brains are designed to protect us from those things.


 When it comes to fitness, work, or any type of personal goals that you have, you must learn to be uncomfortable. I thank fitness & the gym for giving me that mindset. My personal fitness journey has improved ALL areas of my life and I’m beyond grateful for it. It has improved my social skills, relationships, life ambition, and my work ethic whenever it comes to everything I decide to attach my first & last name to. 


In order for you to reap those same benefits YOU MUST DO THE WORK. DO things that are uncomfortable because eventually the uncomfortable will become COMFORTABLE! Have this mindset while working with me and I PROMISE it will transcend to all areas of your life. That is what being in the Hardpoint Fitness Squad is all about! REMAIN RESILIENT! 


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