Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your personal training sessions take place?

  • SNAP Fitness - Sienna Plantation. I am also willing to come to you but it must be arranged in advance, and dependent on my availability. 


How many times a week would I train with you? 

  • You will use your sessions however you want to! That explains why all sessions must be booked through my website. 


What would I need to bring to my training sessions? 

  • Bottled water and a towel is all you will need to bring! Please wear gym-suitable clothes that you feel comfortable in. T-shirt. Breathable shorts, and athletic shoes are recommended. 


I'm a beginner and I'm completely new to the gym. Will my training sessions be at a beginner level? 

  • Absolutely! All of my personal training programs are fully customized to every individual, based on experience level and personal goals. There are also low impact training options available. 


Do you Train Men and Women? 

  • Yes I do, I have worked with plenty of men and women, and understand the differences required for the most effective workouts. 


What do you suggest as beginner exercises I can do at home safely?

  • Sign up for my email list and you will receive a FREE HIIT Cardio workout you can do anywhere!!! 


How long should I expect to work with you before I start seeing results?

  • My clients in the past started seeing slight changes in their physique and overall performance within 4 to 6 weeks of consistent hard work! Consistency is KEY! ;)